Notice: All jadeites are type A quality from Burma.

Type A Imperial Green Jadeite Jade Bead Bracelet 8mm BC118

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This bracelet consists of 20 natural, untreated and undyed Type-A jadeite beads. Each jadeite bead is approximate 8mm in diameter and is nicely strung by fine quality of elastic string. Each piece varies slightly on color and will come with an unique certificate.

Green color beads makes this bracelet gorgeous and attractive. It fits average size and expands with elastic.The beads are translucent and have vitreous luster. The sense of touch is cool.

Wearing a jadeite bracelet symbolizes to have a peaceful life and keep you from evil spirits. It also helps to enhance longevity luck.


Jade Bracelet Detail:
Jade type: Jadeite
Jade Quality:  Type A
Bead Size:  8mm
Color: Imperial green
Weight: 19g
Luster: vitreous
Certificate: included


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